Haldi Ceremony – Indian Traditional Wedding Ritual


All girls in this world like to have the best appearance on her wedding day. Especially Indian brides are very conscious about their wedding regarding their wedding attire, and makeup.

On this big day, they want to gather all the attention and be the cynosure of the gathering. Brides and grooms these days visit salons and beauty parlors to attain the perfect look on their wedding day.

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But since the ancient times when there was no concept beauty parlors and salons Brides and Grooms used traditional methods of blooming up polishing their look for this great day of their life.
Rasam (Ritual) of Haldi (Turmeric ) is one of the famous traditional rituals followed in Indian marriages. It is alsko called Indian Bridal glow mask as it beautify the Brides and Grooms and gives a glow to their skin.
Turmeric possesses many medicinal and skin problems healing properties. In India Turmeric is known as ‘Haldi‘.  It is a significant part of many Hindu customs and traditions including Hindu marriages.
One day before the marriage, ‘Haldi ceremony’ is performed.  Turmeric powder is mixed with milk or almong oil along with  sandal wood powder and applied to bride and bridegroom during this ceremony.

The objective behind this ceremony is to make the person look beautiful and protect him or her from evil sprits. Turmeric powder is also used in Pooja. Hindu marriages are incomplete without turmeric. A newly married couple is always offered a Tilk of Haldi (Turmeric), Kumkum and Rice as a good omen. Not only marriages but also there are many such customs and traditions performed by Hindus where turmeric is used as a good omen. Turmeric is considered very holy as well as its yellow colour is also considered to be auspicious according to Hindu tradition.
Requirements to prepare this Indian Bridal Glow Mask :

 1) Sandal wood powder
2) Turmeric powder
3) Milk or Almonds oil to make a paste of powder.
Mix Powders with appropriate quantity of oil or milk to form a paste. Apply to the face and body, and keep for few minutes. Remove by rubbing  off with your hands when the mixture get dry. This will help in  exfoliation process and also helps in removal of facial hair. Wash the face and enjoy fabulous baby soft skin.

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