Simple Home Remedies For Beautiful Thick Hair



Here are some easy home remedies listed for beautiful, dark and dandruff free hair which you can use in you daily life without much effort.

  • Eggwhite

Mix 1 Egg white, 2tsp Honey and 2tsp Olive Oil. Apply from roots to tips. Leave it on for half and hour and then Wash it off

It’s good for shine and a lot of people have said that its the best way to make your hair shine. But for me personally I got HUGE dandruff because of it, like the ones they show in anti-dandruff ads. Its a highly recommended method by a lot of people.

  • Onion and Honey

Grind a few onions till you can take the juice out enough for your hair.  Apply mixture on Scalp and leftover at tips. Keep for half and hour and Wash off

Its awesome for dandruff and shine. Not sure if it actually helped remove any dandruff but it surely made my hair all shiny. Only downside is it stinks a lot.

  •  Methi Seeds and Water

Soak methi seeds with water overnight. Blend it in mixie till super smooth apply over scale and hair, keep for half n hour and wash off.

Help fighting dandruff Unfortunetlly I did not blend it well so ended up with a grainy mixture which was quite difficult to remove. I think had a slight effect on the dandruff.

  •  Coconut oil and curry patta

Heat coconut oil, add karipatta and fry . Cool it down and separate the curry leaves and then apply on roots and massage. Keep for half n hour and wash it off

Recommended for healthy dark thic hair. Sounds a bit tedious, but it sounds good so should defiantly try it once.


Oil champi is the best treatment with any suitable oil you use. After champi keep it for half an hour and then wash it off. If you don’t have time or are too lazy  then just apply a good hair oil on a weekend. Just do it once a week and you’ll notice the difference from the first wash.

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